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what are you doing to reduce your plastic footprint?
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As many of you know from my Instagram and my Facebook feeds I have been increasingly concerned by the amount of plastic that is used.

I know I am not alone in this and want to do my bit to try and cut down. I am by no means perfect but Here are some simple things that I have changed that require no sacrifice.

  • Change your Laundry detergent to powder in a cardboard box.

  • Use hard soap in a paper wrapping.

  • Use paper or metal straws.

  • Use a wooden toothbrush.

  • Buy cooking oil in glass bottles. (possibly pricier)

  • Buy or make cordial in glass bottles. (possibly pricier)

  • Clear honey for tea - switch to glass jar, No squeezy easy plastic LANDFILL!

  • Wax wraps instead of cling film.

  • Paper bags instead of sandwich bags.

  • Cotton buds all paper no plastic.

  • Buying fruit and veg loose where possible. (can be pricier, but makes no sense as to why!)

  • Use fabric shopping bags - preferably cotton!

  • Reusable Tea/coffee cup & water bottle.

  • Use that juicer tucked away instead of buying juice cartons.

Things I need to investigate more or have not made the switch due to cost:

  • Solid shampoo

  • Stick deodorant in eco packaging

  • Air freshener - I plan to make my own (things on order)

  • Cleaning products - I plan to make my own (things on order)

  • Buy a soda stream… Old skool style! less plastic bottles.

  • The Milk Man - Get it delivered in glass bottles.

  • Plastic free chewing gum.

  • Who gives a crap toilet paper.

So the list goes on, It is difficult when you are also trying to juggle the family budget and you also have to factor in cost. Sometimes it’s minimal but other times it x2 or more the cost of items packaged. I was intrigued the other day in my local Lidl store as to how much it would cost for the same amount of apples same type loose to in a prepackaged bag and they were twice the price. I don’t get it, same apple less time taken to pack and no cost for packaging, why should they be more. I really think supermarkets need to be taking more responsibility. Bring back the paper bag and scales please.

One thing that did keep popping up on my social media sites was the bees wax food wraps, I thought what a fabulous idea this is brilliant and proceeded onto one website to investigate buying. There product looks beautiful but I just couldn’t justify the price. Plastic free should be an option everyone can afford not just for the wealthy. So I started looking into making my own, I had a studio full of fabric so what did I have to loose. I found various recipes online but ultimately it was the same. So if you FANCY making some here is what I did:

WHAT you need:

  • Bees wax grated or flakes/pellets (grated is slightly finer though although more work

  • grease proof paper

  • iron

  • IRONING board

  • old towel


If you would rather I did the making would you buy them from me at the right price? Or would you give it ago and make them yourself?