jewellery care

Please treat your Abilu Creations with care, each design is a miniature work of art and therefore needs to be cared for and looked after properly.
JEWELLERY CARE: AVOID spraying perfume, hairspray or putting MOISTURISERS/suncream on when wearing jewellery, always do this before you put them on and allow to dry completely. the chemicals in them will excel the tarnishing process and will wear away the plating or coat the product in a sticky residue. Hot weather and perspiration can also be harmful to your jewellery never wear them when you are doing any physical work, in the pool, shower, or sea. Remove when washing your hands and do not sleep in your jewellery. After wearing, carefully wipe your jewellery with a soft cotton or lint-free cloth; this will remove unwanted chemicals/material from the surface. I always recommend storing in the fabric pouch provided to help keep them looking gorgeous.

Caring for your plaster cast

Take care of you plaster casts wall hanging by keeping it dry. High relative humidity, damp or contact with water can cause several problems. Firstly, the plaster itself is slightly soluble in water. Plaster is also very porous, easily absorbing dirt, spills or liquid cleaning materials.

Clean sealed plaster with a swab dampened with water or white spirit. Test a small, unobtrusive test area and, if this is successful, progress in small stages over the remainder of the object. Problem areas to watch out for include flaking plaster and areas of thin coating that might show gaps. Sticky marks may be removed by wiping the surface over with a clean, slightly damp cloth.

Dust can be removed with a soft cloth or brush, though take care not to knock the plaster with the metal ring at the end of the brush (ferrule). Plaster is slightly soluble in water and is vulnerable to damage from domestic cleaning products and abrasives, which will remove the surface layer. Its porous nature means that cleaning should ideally minimise the use of any liquid. Stains that have absorbed deep into plaster will be difficult to remove.