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Teaching is a passion of mine and I find it very hard not to share the creative process. I taught for many years and believe the creative process of making to be invaluable in not only learning but also well-being. I am currently teaching a variety of classes at Surrey Art School and i have just accepted a job teaching btec art & design at collyers college in horsham.

feel free to contact me if you have any specific requests, I am happy to teach on a one to one basis or in specific group bookings. most of my workshops currently take place at Surrey art schools studio in Newdigate, just outside of dorking.

I am passionate about 3D techniques, even my sketchbooks are hard to close where layers of RELIEF work have been added. I love texture, colour & form. I have a BA hons degree in Mixed Media Fine Art giving me a broad knowledge and understanding of a variety of mediums. i am a qualified teacher with a post graduate certificate in Education for art & design. I am experienced in Key stage 3,4 & 5, art, Graphics, design technology, fashion & Costume. If I am unable to help with a skill or PARTICULAR area I can pass you onto a specialist from the art school.

check out some of the other classes & workshops available at SURREY art school - www.surreyartschool.com